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The Problem

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

Women do an overwhelming majority (a disproportionate amount) of household chores and caring often on top of paid work (caring for children, spouses, parents etc). The monetary value of unpaid care work globally for women is at least $10.8 trillion annually –three times the size of the world’s tech industry (Oxfam)

Why is this urgent?

  • COVID-19 has set the clock back on gender equality – we need to take action now to ensure it is not reversed permanently

  • Evidence suggests that during C-19 lock-down women were less able to work at home, they were interrupted more, they carried out more ofthe home schooling on top of the house-hold chores

Women were more likely to be furloughed and made redundant so they will become more financially dependent – limiting choice, wellbeing and at a macro level inhibiting development (through less participation in the workforce).

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