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Our Call to Action

We want to shift attitudes at home, in the workplace and in public provision for equality, and to do this there are many steps we can take.

What needs to happen?

  • Women need to speak up and have difficult conversations at home (if safe to do so) and trust men to take on their fair share

  • Women need to support other women; men need to support women; we all need to support each other

  • Men need to build an understanding of women’s reality – and men need to step up to the plate – men need to talk about chores and childcare!

  • Men need to see other men taking on fair share of responsibilities – that being the norm– and see the positive impact on the relationship and their lives

  • Workplaces need to consider shared parental leave and flexible working as the norm; senior leaders need to demonstrate that flexible working works and we need more senior leaders as role models showing this can work

  • Institutions need to remove bias around women and care and chores

  • Government needs more female, diverse and inclusive representation from all sections of society.

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