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Join us: Call for Strategic Advisers & Creators

Equality Starts at Home is a campaign to change mindsets to make equality at home a reality for all. This is all the more urgent now in our post COVID-19 world where gender roles risk regressing. Women are being propelled backwards as they have taken on an increasingly disproportionate amount of household responsibilities and childcare during lock-down and have been disproportionately affected by furloughing (if available at all) and job loss.

Equality Starts at Home was set up by four women (Founding Sisters see below) from the UK and the US following a speech at the Aspire Re-imagination Conference in June 2020. It is early days and we aim to build a movement for change. We believe that equality at home will enable women to fulfil their potential and will ultimately create a better society for all.

We also believe in diversity, inclusion and anti-discrimination in all its forms. We are now looking for a pro-bono Strategic Advisers and Creators who have unique gifts and talents to join us early on in our journey to champion change.

If you are interested and have a few hours a week to spare to advise and help us carry out the following responsibilities e.g. to set up a website or have other skills related to setting up a global movement for change (e.g. governance, social media, coalition building, communications, youth engagement, fundraising, digital technology, finance, feminism, masculinity, policy, advocacy, behaviour change) or have good networks and contacts across like-minded organisations then please get in touch with Clare and Jackie at with a short summary of who you are, why you are interested in this and what you can offer.

The Steering Group meets every other Tuesday at 6pm (via zoom) and we will be discussing steering group members on a rolling basis. If you want more information or an informal chat then please also email.

We are actively looking for a diverse cross section of people who represent global society. It is an exciting time to join to help shape this campaign. Advisers and Contributors will form part of the Steering Group and will join an inspiring and skilled international group of change makers.

Founding Sisters / Co Founders & Strategic Advisers Clare Twelvetrees (Chair), Lesley Macniven, Prof Jackie Carter, Venise Vinegar, Helen Unwin, Niamh McGarry

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