Equality Starts at Home is a campaign to change mindsets to make equality at home a reality for all. This is all the more urgent now in our post COVID-19 world where gender roles risk regressing. Women are being propelled backwards as they have taken on an increasingly disproportionate amount of household responsibilities and childcare during lockdown and have been disproportionately affected by furloughing (if available at all) and job loss.

Equality Starts at Home was set up by four women (Founding Sisters see below) from the UK and the US following a speech at the Aspire Re-imagination Conference in June 2020.


It is early days and we aim to build a movement for change. We believe that equality at home will enable women to fulfil their potential and will ultimately create a better society for all. We also believe in diversity, inclusion and anti-discrimination in all its forms.

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Vision                  Mission                  Values


Our Vision

Our vision is to create a world in which equality at home is a reality for all.

We believe a better balance at home would result in the following:

  • It would free women up to achieve their potential:

    • Career progression, increase earning & leadership potential 

    • Creative, reflection or leisure time

    • Better quality of time with children 

  • Relationships between women and men would improve

  • Men would spend more quality time with their children, cultivating strong and lasting relationships with their children

  • Mental health of women would improve

  • Open options for men to work more flexibly, not having to be the primary breadwinner

  • Break down stereotypes – and influence equality outside the home


Our Mission

Our mission is to shift mindsets and change behaviours to enable a greater sharing of emotional and domestic labour.

We want to shift attitudes at home, in the workplace and in public provision for equality, and to do this there are many steps we can take.


What needs to happen?

  • Women need to speak up and have difficult conversations at home (if safe to do so) and trust men to take on their fair share

  • Women need to support other women; men need to support women; we all need to support each other

  • Men need to build an understanding of women’s reality – and men need to step up to the plate – men need to talk about chores and childcare!

  • Men need to see other men taking on fair share of responsibilities – that being the norm– and see the positive impact on the relationship and their lives

  • Workplaces need to consider shared parental leave and flexible working as the norm; senior leaders need to demonstrate that flexible working works and we need more senior leaders as role models showing this can work

  • Institutions need to tackle bias around women and care and chores

  • Government needs more female, diverse and inclusive representation from all sections of society.


Our Core Values

Our values are what unite us and represent the "How" of Equality Starts at Home and they are represented by the word CARVE


we seek to collaborate with a wide range of  people and organisations to achieve our goals


we speak up, we call out and act on inequalities in the home


we respect and appreciate each other and  seek to build common ground


we strive for greater diversity in all its forms  and are inclusive of all


We Need Your Support Today

We are looking for pro-bono Strategic Advisers and Creators who have unique gifts and talents to join us early on in our journey to champion change. We are actively looking for a diverse cross section of people who represent global society. If you are interested and have a few hours a week to spare to advise and help us follow the “Join us” link below.